Refund policy

Return and replacement of goods

Return conditions are valid only for goods purchased in online store.

If you did not like the size, color or poor quality of the received item, you can return it to us within 14 days from the date of delivery. In accordance with the Retail Rules ” approved in 2014. July 22 By the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania No. 738, Article 6.228 (10) of the Civil Code in the cases provided for and (or) other legal acts in force and applicable in the Republic of Lithuania.

Returned goods must be unused, undamaged, undamaged goods must be returned in the original packaging, the same equipment as received by the buyer. if the goods are not fully assembled, damaged, untidy or not properly packaged, we have the right not to accept the goods, not to change them and not to return the money paid by the buyer for the goods.

the money paid for the goods is returned to the buyer's account within 14 days.

to return or exchange the goods, contact or e-mail;

copies of the sales invoice and proof of payment must be attached to the return.

Goods sold at a discount of -40% or more are not eligible for returns, except in case of poor quality.

When the buyer refuses to accept unshaked delivered goods, he must pay the delivery costs of returning the goods to us.

Goods are returned to the address:Rygos str. 48-32 Vilnius. LT 05272

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